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Sherman Oaks, California, United States United States
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Next generation human-to-human and machine-to-human digital communication.

Pain point: communication through text or voice lacks emotion, content and expressiveness. This leads to miscommunication, failed customer conversion, poor customer service and so forth.

Solution: embodied conversation using a 'virtual' human (i.e. a virtual humanoid robot in 3D) in  which can communication using body language, emotional expression and give human-like messages and communicative signals.  

The 'human' interface can be associated with all natural language/AI and bot interfaces to enhance communication. Voice-enabled devices can become 'embodied' voice-enabled devices (i.e. visual Alexa/Siri/Watson, personal assistant).

We have patented technology  that converts speech or text into an animated 3D performance automatically (an AI for the 'body'), which can be connected to any text- or speech-based automated system.

Our team consists of world-class experts in virtual human interaction and our technology is mature and patented.