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Company description

IoT solution for construction and rental companies in order to monitor their equipment, regarding location and working conditions.

Business model

Monthly subscription model with $9.90 per device

Competitive advantage

1) Universal application of our technology with respect to competition. Brand agnostic characterization mechanism and tracking of any construction tool in any part of the world.
2) Zero entering cost for the clients. No CAPEX, only OPEX which progressively leads to thinner spending per number of tools per client. This provides incentives for holistic adaptation of our service for any construction tool per site
3) Based on accelerometer and position data, our business model can differentiate the tools stored in the inventory from the tools that operate. A flat monthly cost per tool is introduced for tracking (regardless of operation) and a cost on top of that while operating. Pricing is dynamic and is driven by the device’s sensors (either the accelerometer or/and the GPS)
4)Based on intrinsic firmware intelligence we secure the lowest possible data
acquisition cost per tool over NBIoT