Data analytics for normal people from the systems they use every day.
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Company description

We have created a SaaS system where business users analyze data by asking questions in plain English, and the system answers in English with autogenerated graphs and charts. 

Business users need information from their systems to make decisions, but don't want to learn to become data analysts - they just want answers to questions. Initial rollout with Salesforce.com focusing on sales reps and managers. Total market is more than $50B annually; we focus initially on $6B market for SaaS analytics. Alpha product for Salesforce.com hosted on Heroku in use with early adopters.

Business model

We are rolling out first with Salesforce.com selling SaaS subscriptions to give sales reps and sales managers the ability to do advanced reporting and analytics on their sales data.  Salesforce.com's reporting interface is obtuse for most people in the sales organization.  Also, the ability to ask questions of the data and receive immediate responses is valuable when in actual conversations with customers and partners.

Pricing is per user per month and tiered according to funcitonality (data discovery, collaboration and predictive analytics), starting at $40 and $150 at its maximum, with average pricing at $80.