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Founded in: 1996
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Email Data Group

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Westerville, Ohio, United States United States
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Effectiveness of email marketing campaign is not a new story to talk about. This is definitely the easiest, fastest and the most cost-effective marketing platform if you are targeting to reach your worldwide potential customers through your business campaigns. But, your email marketing campaigns can go completely wrong if the customer database you are using is not correct. In order to solve this complication,

Email Data Group has brought a new wave to the world of data-driven marketing. By keeping faith on our services, you as a marketer will establish better market position than your contemporary market competitors who are still depending on their in-house database and using single-channel marketing strategy for their business campaigns. At Email data Group, we have an experienced, skilled and dedicated data team with enormous expertise in data-driven marketing and has the ability to support client marketers with services like

-▪ B2B email address appending

B2C email appending services

Email Verification


Email marketing services

B2B email Database

B2C Mailing list

At Email Data Group, we therefore provide our client marketers the right path to achieve their campaign success. By using our b2b and b2c marketing databases, you can keep your marketing campaigns focused on your targeted customers. In this manner, we can give you the guarantee and assurance that your campaigns will be delivered to the right inboxes of your potential customers.

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