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Interactive Player Polling for your Fantasy Football Experience
Houston, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

ElitePoll allows you to interact with the fantasy football community through a variety of polls.  Get help with your lineups by submitting your sit-or-start questions (and more!) and see how the fantasy football community votes.  Then, go vote on other people’s polls to show off your smarts.  Game outcomes are used to validate poll results and all voters get their stats tracked. View your stats, follow other users, and watch the voter standings change.  Quit relying on your co-workers for fantasy football advice; use ElitePoll to show off your wits, and help your fantasy team make a deep playoff run!


Business model

We have created a polling platform that allows anybody to submit fantasy football player polls and have all poll votes validated after the game outcomes.  This encourages participation by people seeking opinions on their fantasy football teams as well as savvy football players that want to show their skills.

Competitive advantage

ElitePoll can be used as a tool during your fantasy football season for your own lineup, but also to compete against other fantasy footballers as to who has the best fantasy football sense.  Web and mobile friendly with visually appealing statistics that are generated just for you based on your polling activity.  Nobody else has the poll submission structure and poll validation features we have.