Location: Calgary, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Elevated HR Solutions

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Calgary, Canada Canada
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Company description

We provide business owners and management teams with HR Support and Services.  We're not looking to create a strategy, rather, we provide solutions that help you to execute your strategy.  We give you something tangible, that you can implement easily into your organization.  It's customized and suits your needs.  Additionally, we believe management needs to run the company - not HR.  Having us as an external resource

Business model

hr advice @ your fingertips - is an annual subscripton service that small businesses sign up for.  We answer questions via phone or email, and provide solutions with pros and cons.

3-10 Employees - $1000 a year

11-40 Employees - $2,400 a year

41 + Employees - $4,000 a year

What's covered in your annual subscription?*
Employee relation support including:
        "Sheila just called in sick...again.  Fourth time this month actually.  What can I do?"
        "Joe just got into an accident with the company vehicle.  What can I do?"
        "Dana just posted something derogatory about our business in Facebook. What can I do?"
Employment Agreements
Employment Standards Act Clarification
Employee Terminations
Policy and Procedure Ideas
Employee Forms and Administration
Workers Compensation Process and Clarifiation
Performance Management
Compensation Reviews
Benefits Planning
Access to North American Best HR Practices
Employee Engagement Surveys
Recruitment support

*Organizations are responsible for implementation of programs/solutions. 

Competitive advantage

We aren't just another consulting firm - we believe in providing fast and timely service that is customized to your business.