ehumanlife, Inc.

ehumanlife, Inc.
ehumanlife allows worldwide patients to get second opinions from top specialists remotely via live on-demand medical video visits.
Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

ehumanlife is a global medical platform for leading specialists to provide medical second opinions remotely for patients worldwide via live on-demand video streaming including EMR translation and interpreting service.


Business model

During the first two years we are going to focus on the B2B model, which will provide us recurrent revenue and potential providers for the B2C model. B2B model: The technology platform is served as a SaaS to hospital and insurance groups to provide a better patient care. We charge a setup and monthly fee according to the size of the hospital. Future B2C model: Each doctor sets its fee per visit and ehumanlife gets a 25% fee of the price.

Competitive advantage

ehumanlife is global from day one. The platform has been crafted to support translation and interpreting services for patients and doctors worldwide to talk seamless. ehumanlife will integrate Epic in its core. Internal processes of the platform are patented. The platform can scale easily to different verticals.