eGolfScore Wireless Golf Scoring

eGolfScore Wireless Golf Scoring
Have You Scored Lately?™...Scoring made simple. Golf made more exciting.
Flemington, New Jersey, United States United States
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Company description

Incorporated in May 2000. Leveraging the power of digital advertising/ media, real-time wireless communications and the growing interest in golf.

Launch Focus: Golf Events  – Real time wireless scoring system for corporate, celebrity and charity golf events, including advertising “inventory” for EVENT sponsors/advertisers.

Long-Term Focus: Digital Media Platform – Utilize wireless scoring at corporate, celebrity and charity golf events to create broader foundation for media delivery system, securing more “inventory” to offer advertising opportunities to THIRD-PARTY sponsors/advertisers.  

Establish distribution through golf courses, causes & corporations. Achieved initial success by providing wireless scoring services to over 1,200 events since inception.

Event Services – 80% of revenue via wireless scoring services at events.

Media Services – 20% of revenue via advertising/sponsorship model connected to events (will grow significantly).


MISSION: Targeted, Interactive, Highly Personalized Media System

We provide a targeted, highly differentiated media delivery system, leveraging a multi-faceted real-time wireless golf scoring system to enable local, regional and national advertisers to cost effectively reach millions of consumers and business professionals.

Business model