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Company description

Efarms is an agriculture-focused fintech that provides a platform for people and organizations with disposable income to earn profit by financing agricultural production and commodity trading so as to unlock finance and markets for African smallholder farmers. 



Business model

Efarms is an agriculture-focused fintech that sources funds from individuals and corporate organizations through a digital peer to peer investment platform so as to finance agricultural production and commodity trading. Through this, farmers with no access to farm financing receive funds while we create access to markets for them through our digital commodity trading platform. We identify farmers, train them in good agricultural practice, collect data on their farm size and crops and list the same on our platform for the investing public to finance. We then finance the production, managing the entire process and providing an extension for the farmers. The profit from the farm projects is shared between the farmer, the investors and Efarms with Efarms retaining 20% of all profits as its revenue source. 

Competitive advantage

Efarms is very distinct in several ways, starting with positioning ourselves as an inclusive investment company, making it possible for low to middle-income people to take advantage of the opportunities in the agricultural sector to invest. We did this by structuring our investments to be within their reach in addition to including a PAYE investment option that allows low-income investors to invest in two tranches. In addition, efarms also create access to markets to farmers by providing a platform for the trading of commodities, while providing farmers with yield increasing technology and extension.