Location: EduKit Solutions Ltd, London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 05/2016, Seed: $575 k (post valuation: $2200000).
Investors: Kieran Hill
- Date: 08/2015, Government grant: $48 k
- Date: 04/2014, Accelerator/Incubator: $10 k
- Date: 01/2014, Accelerator/Incubator: $49 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Dom Potter
- Date: 01/2014, Seed: $25 k
Short URL:
Awards and mentions
2014 Department for Education Award for Innovation
The Big Venture Challenge supports ambitious entrepreneurs with access to business support, powerful connections and match funding to help them raise investment and deliver social impact at scale.

An amazing team with a keen vision to provide huge value to their target audience.

EduKit is a company with a great deal of promise. With a clearly articulated proposition, excellent market potential and a cracking team in place, expect to hear very big things from the company over the next couple of years. They are poised for growth, and I am delighted to be an early investor.



Helping Schools Raise Attainment
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom

EduKit is an innovative online marketplace that connects schools with thousands of programmes that can help young people from 5-19. In addition to being a powerful commissioning tool, EduKit connects to each school’s student database, allowing us to track how individual and groups of pupils progress whilst on programmes.

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Company description

EduKit’s Innovative Education Marketplace helps schools identify and measure the impact of life-changing programmes for pupils from low-income backgrounds.

Youth  Service Providers spend over £350m per year on ineffective marketing to schools. The EduKit opportunity is to increase pupil take up on these vital programmes, and be the place where a significant proportion of that £350m is spent annually.

EduKit's innovative custom built online platform will:-

  1. analyse information provided by the student and their school to build up a profile of their needs 
  2. automatically identify local programmes that are suitable for each student 
  3. track and evaluate student progress during and after programmes

EduKit has no direct competitors as typically no direct competitors as there is currently no online site where schools can locate support for pupils. Instead, schools:

- Use internet search engines to arbitrarily look for support

- Depend on word of mouth

- May see marketing materials from providers or attend events or exhibitions, although these typically have a very low conversion rate

- Unaware that support exists, simply do not offer pupils external support and / or make do with the wrong type of support. 

But now, for the first time, schools are able to search a database of a thousands of programmes for pupils with endorsements from other senior staff in schools who have used the services before. We enable schools to build up a picture of how pupils progress during each type of intervention not just at their own school, but also at schools across the country. This approach has gained huge support from teachers and industry experts and we recently won an innovation award from the Department for Education. 

EduKit is a unique concept that will revolutionise procurement for schools in the same ways Just Eat, Air BnB and Uber have revolutionised their respective sectors. 

EduKit can be replicated in any country with acute social inequality and a large, fragmented youth support sector. Markets of immediate interest include US, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and Australia.

EduKit is a disruptive, scalable, global opportunity that will generate significant returns for investors whilst also increasing outcomes for all pupils from all backgrounds.  





  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins | Founder
    I'm a digital IT operations manager with many years experience managing websites that have undergone exponential traffic growth. My expertise is in running an efficient and stable day to day operations and support team whilst also delivering proje...
  • Nathalie Richards
    Nathalie Richards | Founder
    CEO of EduKit. Passionate social entrepreneur. MBA (INSEAD), former management consultant and IT project manager. Extensive experience working with and advising youth charities. Fluent in French and Italian.
  • Mercedes Longcroft
    Mercedes Longcroft | Team member
  • Karen Celisse-Sim
    Karen Celisse-Sim | Team member
    Programme Manager for Edukit. Responsible for building up the service provider database. Service providers are very excited about Edukit. In business for 30 years and delighted to be supporting such an innovative business.
Business model

We are developing an online platform to help schools by matching their students with all of the programmes and activities in their local area that can help them with their personal development. 

We will offer a freemium services both for schools and providers. Providers currently spend over £350m a year marketing their services to schools and depend on largely ineffective methods. EduKit will revolutionise the sector by offering a clear route to decision-makers at schools and will be the place where that £350m is invested annually.

Competitive advantage

We have no competitors are there is currently no database or system that holds information on programmes that can help young people and the results that they achieve. 

We have a first-mover advantage and have already collated searchable information on approx 700 high-quality programmes providers in London. For many of these we also have user reviews and ratings from teachers who have used the service in the past. 

We have an amazing, passionate and highly skilled team supported by an influential and well-connected board. We also have excellent networks and are discussing partnerships that would allow us to reach up to 10k schools within just 5 years.