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Company description is an e-learning supplement for high school and college students. We find effective teachers and open their classrooms to the world. Current subjects include Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science, with Trigonometry and Physics coming soon.


Calculus: Integration by Parts

Chemistry: Empirical and Molecular Formulas


Educator is trying to equalize education in the world through the power of technology and the internet. Right now we are pairing eager learners with excellent teachers in an efficient learning environment that is available to all regardless of geographic or economic limitations. By continually adding courses along with a competition-based pay system for our teachers, we hope to find the best instructors and make the world their classroom.

Business model


Competitive advantage


Our competitive advantage is in our domain, content, and price. is easily remembered, relevant, and allows futures expansion into other areas of e-learning. 


Our content is created in-house and is currently 600 hours plus of footage that is under tight editorial control and meets/exceeds states standards.  All our instructors are current teaching professors with doctorates that are paid on a performance basis.


Our pricing allows almost everyone to receive quality academic tutoring regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic proximity.  Educator is a learn anytime, anywhere solution.