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Pleasanton, California, United States United States
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Company description

Amina is an immersive first person, choice-based, virtual reality gaming experience. This VR gaming experience follows the main character Amina who is diagnosed with depression. By playing as Amina in a first-person perspective, players can view how depression affects daily life.

Business model

Our intended business models are business to consumer and business to business. We aim to release Amina on video game distribution platforms such as Steam. Upon initial release, free access to part one of the first chapter will be given to consumers, and the rest can be purchased as a package or as individual chapters. We also plan to license out Amina to educational institutions (like hospitals and universities) to implement our game into their curriculum. Our target audience is the mental health community, particularly the family members of patients, as well as other students, researchers, and professionals interested in mental health. 

Competitive advantage

Amina uniquely addresses the stigma around depression, and would be the only game on the market that realistically integrates virtual reality with the symptoms of depression. Integrating VR with traditional video game design can be used to provide an educational experience in a safe and controlled environment. With this conceptualized model, we hope that we can make an impact in changing the perception of depression and humanizing those who suffer from it.