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Company description
Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening was started 9 years ago by Jon A. Holmquist.  He recognizes the capability of the sharpening machine he built and set 16 people up in business as prototypes to test the concept.  It was very successful and so in 2008 he started franchising the system.  The company became legal in most states in 2009, check the web site at www.edgemasterfranchising for a listin of non-legal states.  The first year produced 9 franchisees and 2010 looks like it is going to be a banner year for the new company. 
Business model

We are a company that focuses on commercial eating establishments but we love to do residential sharpening also.  The machine built by the owner does a fantastic job and removes very little material thereby extending knife life. 

The owner also has a prototype being built of a serrated knife sharpener.  This will only be available to franchisees. 

Some of the original 16 were as old as 80 and some as young as 35.  Both male and female sharpeners are doing the business and loving it. 

Please check us out on www.edgemasterfranchising.com.  Thanks, Jon at EMS.