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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States United States
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Eden Robotics LLC is the main USA manufacturer of realistic, smart, and affordable Android Robots for corporation, business, industries, and personal needs. Our team consist of robotic hardware and software engineers, special effect artists, make up professionals, sculptors, mechatronic and animatronic specialists, and management corporate team. Together we are creating functional and real Android Robot Assistants that look realistic and are anatomically correct. Our goal is to provide a technology capable of helping us have a better quality of life, give us more time to be with our family and friends, and fulfill our pursuit of happiness. Our vision for the future is that robots will be a common place everywhere and they will help us expand our civilization through our solar system and beyond. 

Our Android Robots are specially made to offer assistance to our elder, veterans, and handicaps. Also our realistic robots are capable of  doing household tasks. Plus they can perform dangerous, hazardous, and deadly jobs without risking human life.

Our Robots:

Personal Care Android Robots:
Our Personal Care Android robots are made to help and assist the elder, veterans, and handicap to improve their quality of life. Personal care robots assist the elder and veterans by monitoring their health, remain them to take their pills, performing housekeeping tasks for them, and offering companionship and entertainment. Also this special robots can help the handicap performing complex task in the house before impossible for them to do. Can even use the robot to perform work and get an steady income. This robots can be operated and can learn to do tasks with virtual reality technology because now they can mimic head and hand movements and follow spoken commands. Currently we are getting a government SBIR grant creating a Socially-Assistive Robots (SARs) to Engage Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and AD-Related Dementias, and their Caregivers.
Household Android Robots:
AVA Household Maid Android Robot is the next technological frontier in robotics. AVA is a fully functional Android Robot made to give you more time to be with your family and friends, to improve your health, and to enjoy life to the fullest by freeing you from doing daily household work. Take full control of your Android Robot Anywhere and Everywhere. You can teach your household robot to perform daily tasks in your house or at work. These tasks include moping, vacuum the floor, dusting furniture, dish washing, feeding your pet, and any need imaginable. The possibilities are limitless. All of these is possible thanks to the integration of virtual reality technologies with our robotic technology. Welcome to a new era in human-robot interaction. 
Industrial and Commercial Android Robots:
Our industrial and commercial Android Robots are specially designed to offer business assistance, marketing, and advertisement and can perform hazardous, dangerous jobs in an industrial setting. Business Android Robot is specially made to bring customers to business doors. Our Android Robots are capable of welcome, provide assistance, answer questions, guide, entertain customers entering an store or business. Also they can provide services, make sales, display brands, and make suggestion to customers.