eComm 2008

Emerging Communications Conference
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Mountain View, California, United States United States
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About eComm

eComm is the venue for those interested in the radical transformation of the trillion dollar telecommunications industry. It has already started down the path that the homebrew computer took three decades ago. Just as democratized computation gave birth to the computer industry, eComm is tracking, highlighting and promoting the people and technologies driving this new wave of democratization.

The story of the decentralization of communications innovation has past the second chapter which was VoIP. It is now regarded as a building block only. As a standalone service it is both uninspiring and unlikely to be highly profitable.

The excitement and profits will be derived from combining voice with other vectors we’re tracking such as:
- Open source hardware and software; open handsets in particular
- Social networking technologies and platforms
- New radio spectrum allocation and technologies including open spectrum
- New content distribution networks and business models
- Intra-relationship syndication and synchronization of content and PIMS information
- Collaboration and peer-to-peer (P2P) modes of economic production
- Device mediated discovery of relevant others and the prompting of social interaction
- Integration with business processes
- Computation of social contexts
- Positioning and location
- Digital social trust, reputation and online identity

It makes sense to rethink the basics with so many vectors to track and creatively combine. Which is why eComm also invites sociologists and anthropologists to help understand why people are communicating and what they are trying to achieve by doing so.

And just to be complete we did’nt leave out the developing markets. Which is why we sought to include coverage of the emergent communications markets. For example China which ranks as the world’s largest with 5 million additional mobile subscribers every month and is deploying fiber/FTTH within Europe.

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