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San Diego, California, United States United States
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Ecologie is a new business with a process patent application on a new security - Securitized Energy Savings, a new way to finance home retrofits. 

- For no cash up front,  homeowners can sign up online for a complete retrofit of their home, including energy efficiency technologies such as efficient HVAC and renewable technologies such as solar panels. 

- In return, homeowners pledge to pay a fixed utility bill to the company for the period of the contract.

- These cashflows are aggregated and sold to third party investors to fund the initial installation

- By aggregating demand, Ecologie negotiates with contractors to achieve economies of scale, as well as diversify investor risk. 

- In aggregating homes into large retrofit projects, Ecologie can help catalyse the residential cleantech market and well as clear the financing bottleneck currently hindering the sector.