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Eco Community Transilvania Ltd
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Targu Mures, Romania Romania
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Eco community Transylvania Ltd The green life products and services for our common future

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Hi. Nice to meet you dear friend.
We are an eco company established in 2006. This was a direct effect that reflecting on our world's challenges we had developed the integrated eco life concept. This include eco economy, eco society, eco behavior, eco money and of course the eco company. In short this means that we try to satisfy with our products and services your body mind and spirit. Each and every product and service bought from us will help you to build a better world for you, for your children, for your family. This is a worry free business, worry free shopping. Your conscience will be free without any sense of guilt.
We sell only products and services which don't harm, bring joy to you, elevate your mind and spirit. Doing business with us you can be sure that you don't harm the planet and you can contribute personally to create a greener world.
Each and every day we offer more and more green products and services. We want, and we will become the commonly owned, global green corporation.
By doing business with us you will feel good because with this you will contribute to the preservation of our common future, you are sure that you you help creating together a greener world.
Our main go is, that with your help  leave behind a better world than we had find it.

The concept of eco company means that we want to adapt the tradition of Szekler coownership to modern days and in the same time we create village rule eco communities which use interest free eco money, living in harmony with nature and the other communities. Our company's ownership will be based on coownership. We will share with you our assets if your desire to is to create, build a better, rightful world. You can learn more about our believes, tasks reading about our concept of eco economy, eco money, eco community, eco society. You can even learn about this in our eco school.
With you for you together we will build a global green corporation where will be no layoffs. Where each and every coowner have voice in establishing our commonly owned green company's path.
If your belief, your set of values is common with ours you can become a coowner of our eco company. The door is open for each and every like minded people.
Join the company of the future, the company of the green third millenium.
You can learn more about our company at our corporate webpage