Ecinema Networks Inc

eCinema Networks seeks to be the preferred digital cinema solutions provider.
Tampa, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

eCinema Networks Inc. provides digital distribution of high-definition, pre-show advertising content, independent film, 3D movies and live sporting events, documentaries, and alternative content. The digital cost efficiencies of this new method of distribution enables eCinema Networks to present specialized content on demand. eCinema Networks offers an affordable solution to the digital transformation for big screens, with a unique revenue sharing agreement requiring little out-of-pocket cost. With the recent growth of independent films popularity to a +$3 billion industry and 4/5 Best Picture nominations in 2005 being ‘Indies,' the market for this technology within the independent film industry has also expanded. This technology removes the prohibitively expensive distribution of independent films, which is a significant limiting factor of independent film growth

Business model

eCinema is a Unique Solution

eCinema, in partnership with a major Commiuncations Company, and has developed digital Cinema delivery network with the technology to target content distribution by date and location, as well as providing full-site status information and display affidavits via the web. The primary display technology is high-quality 3- chip DLP projectors with full 6-channel surround sound. The eCinema Networks system also supports high-quality, flat-panel displays and kiosks. Services provided include:

- systems and installation

- content preparation and distribution

- full-service technical support

- advertising content (revenue will be shared)

- targeted film distribution with high ticket sales projections

- growth of new audiences to independent films with a broader distribution model than currently exists

- consumer merchandise in the theaters themed to the current entertainment content

eCinema incorporates reliable new imaging technology that supports and concurrently manages multiple types of content and displays to provide multiple revenue streams. The competition is rooted on singular content types, such as feature films, advertising or alternative content, thereby reducing the operating revenues and limiting the value proposition to the theater owners. The patented key system technology is fully networked and highly cost effective, allowing for rapid targeting of high-quality general entertainment, advertising and educational content.

  • Utilizes digital color and projector technologies that provide film color quality for independent films, surround sound and the sharpest, highest contrast display of advertising and marketing content in the industry at a very low cost
  • Does not rely on broad distribution, but focuses on mid-sized independent theaters to cost-effectively enable the theaters' transition to digital
  • Features sophisticated custom targeting software that associates content with cities, day, time of day, and other metadata via playlists
  • Playlists modifiable on-site without changing the large image files to provide rapid changes in content targeting. While providing a complete accounting of what content was played and full site status data for service and repair
  • Utilizes the various types of content to associate advertising and marketing information with targeted films or events .