Echelon Marketing & Design
Location: New York City, New York, United States United States

Echelon Marketing & Design

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New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description
Echelon is a full-service multimedia company that addresses your marketing and communication needs as well as provides video production and interactive media services. We create quality short viral videos for companies looking to enhance their exposure to the internet community. With the use of high definition technology and equipment, Echelon is at the cutting edge of casting people with unique talents to build content for your marketing and designing needs  . Echelon will focus on providing state of the art multimedia production to promote your business. a larger flow of traffic will be created that will allow for more subscribers,buyers,clients and revenue to your business.

Business model

Competitive advantage
Competitive pricing
Top quality work
Seasoned experience
Top notch resources & equipment
Commitment to long-term relationship and  our client satisfaction