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eJamming at DEMO '07
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eJamming audio technology breakthroughs have been getting the attention of media, music products and technology companies. The real time connectivity we provide musicians and music lovers all over the world broadens the markets of companies delivering goods and services for mass market entertainment and maximizes the use of next generation chips for hand-held computers and web-enabled cell phones like those powered by Intel.
eJamming was featured by Intel in Paul Otellini’s CES Keynote speech with Smash Mouth connecting over the internet to play in real time from various locations in Vegas.  You can go to our website (www.ejamming.com) to check out the video of the band’s performance and my partner’s conversation with Steve Harwell and Paul.  You’ll also find links to some press coverage that might be of interest to you.  But for a quick quote, noted consumer technology journalist, Kevin Maney, wrote:
“-- I saw lots of products at CES that were spectacularly cool -- and either unnecessary or way too expensive. (Like, who is buying those 100-inch flat-panel TVs?) I only saw two things at CES that I plan to incorporate into my life sometime soon: the Web site eJamming (featured in the Intel keynote) and the Asus EeePC.”

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