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Company description

E-Store-Runner.com delivers groceries, prescriptions, hardware store items, laundry, department stores, restaurants, auto parts, garage sale, and swap meet items

E-STORERUNNER.COM’s nationwide franchised pick-up and delivery service is simple and cost effective. Example of our service is as follows: Customer via online/mobile apps contacts the retailer and places an order the order is processed by the retailer who has been paid by the customer and prepares the order for pickup and delivery. An order transmission/banner click is sent to the local delivery franchise by the merchants or the customer where arrangements are made and the electronic transaction is completed. A typical delivery is priced at $8.99. The delivery window can be one hour or the end of the day to meet the customer when they arrive home. Items such as tobacco and alcohol require special handling.

Business model

When shopping online, consumers can sit down, have a coffee, wear their slippers and their bathrobes, not have to worry about their hair, fuel, traffic or parking, and just click through sale after sale. Comparison shopping couldn’t be any easier. And thanks to e-storerunner.com getting in on the act, you never need wait to get those all important purchases delivered right to your door, one-hour/same day.

If it’s in-stock locally you can have it today

E-STORERUNNER.COM is a B2B2C disruptive business model that offers significant improvements and advantages over first generation “last mile” service providers. E-Storerunner.com leverages the in-place infrastructure in E-commerce, technology, logistics, franchising and a cost competitive personal delivery service to level the playing field in home delivery for local brick and mortar retailers and provide time-savings and convenience to their customers

E-store-runner’s senior management and advisory team bring significant industry experience in startup, corporate, logistic, franchising and retail. Management has focused on developing its “shop in your pajamas” web platform to be a robust user-friendly, efficient destination site. Our senior management team offers decades of experience in successfully operating and growing emerging companies; and taking companies to the next level in growth and market niche. Advisors and our team have a proven track record in a broad spectrum of business disciplines in both public and private sectors that include: manufacturing / distribution, healthcare, energy, environmental / chemical, technology driven products, consumer and hospitality, franchising, and real estate.

E-storerunner.com creates a defensible market leader position by becoming the point-of-sale option for merchants and consumers who desire instant gratification. The company’s seamless, integrated proprietary aggregator/super affiliate shopping network, package pickup, tracking, delivery and acknowledgement platform serves as a lead generation system for local brick and mortar retailers. Local merchants can now offer their hard earned customers the added convenience of home delivery without the expense of creating, operating and maintaining an in-house delivery component. No insurance, employees and vehicles.

E-STORERUNNER’S business model is positioned as a “first mover”, the ultimate instant-gratification/convenience home and office personal delivery service. E-STORERUNNER.COM’s last mile logistics services makes getting delivery of ANY local merchant’s product offering available without having to go to the seller’s location in one-hour/same-day delivery services

Competitive advantage