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Dynamic Botanical Solutions
A Genetic Approach to Cannabis Sustainability
Pueblo, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description


Dynamic Botanical Solutions is a biotechnology based Cannabis producer. At DBS our aim is to produce genetically modified organisms (GMCs as we will be referring to them) in order to keep up with the ever growing market demand for Cannabis based products.


The agricultural benefits of the modern age have only been achieved through the rise and development of modern day GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are engineered for increased production yields, pest resistance, and potency of secondary compounds in drug cultivars.


At Dynamic Botanical Solutions our hope is to be the first genetically modified Cannabis producer to have full market penetration.


Phase one will involve the selective breading of Cannabis with strong sexual heterogeny and favorable potency. Once this has been achieved a genetic back cross fertilization will occur in order to create genetically stable seed production. These seeds will be treated with a proprietary solution preventing a phase of mitotic division. This will induce the first line of tetraploid cultivars. This process will be repeated 3 to 4 more times in subsequent generation to determine the maximum stability frequency for polyploidy expression. The expected result from this increase in chromosome expression is 40 to 60 percent yield increase as opposed to control groups. Theoretically yields with an increase of 200 percent over control groups can be achieved in the subsequent generations. 

Phase two will involve a comprehensive gene editing program involving gene replication and insertion techniques. This will be used in the development of plants with specific secondary compounds production. (Ex. increasing the genetic expression of genes like the THCA synthase gene increases bio productivity of THCA) 


polyploid and mixoploid.AVI (file://BETHS_SAMSUNG/Users/Beth%20Burgert/Desktop/polyploid%20and%20mixoploid.AVI)

12hr development.AVI (file://BETHS_SAMSUNG/Users/Beth%20Burgert/Desktop/plant%20growth%20videos/12hr%20development.AVI)

Business model

Customer Segments:

DBS will cultivate Cannabis to service the market as a wholesale distributer to dispensaries, concentrate and Cannabis based product manufacturers.

Value Proposition:

By producing high quality Cannabis with lower production cost we can transfer those savings directly to our customers as a wholesale distributor.


The use of a third party marketing firm will be used to promote business and brand recognition.  Networking via tradeshows will also assist in promotion and lead to customer acquisition.

Customer Relationships:

 Ideally each of DBS’s customers would have tailors service expectations as outlined in contracted agreements. All customers would be able to contact DBS via phone and e-mail correspondence with questions and concerns and to place further purchase requests as needed. Additional services may include video conferencing, and touring of facilities to have quality assurance of the production process.

 Revenue Streams:

 DBS will draw revenue from each individual contract for wholesale distribution at a competitive market rate. 

 Key Activities:

Operational management of the cultivation process

Oversight of tradeshow event planning and coordination

Dedication to meeting with customers to acquire and maintain contracts for distribution.

Oversight of R&D into further increased yield products

Maintaining and managing finances with assistance of an accountant

Management of marketing strategies.

Key Resources:

At DBS infrastructure is the greatest resource permitting repetitive standards of cultivation.  The following are necessary resources: commercial grow facility equipped with custom aeroponic systems, high-efficient LED lighting, and environmental controls, as well as a research lab for development and analyses of genetics. 

Key Partnerships:

Key partnerships will include but are not limited to: third party marketers, certified public accountant, legal counsel, etc.  

Cost Structure:

Calculated cost structure will include overhead from equipment required for the commercial grow facility and research lab for analyses.  There is additional cost for customer acquisition (i.e. trade show fees, business travel, marketing promotions). As with much of the biotech industry, the cost of initial development, although excessive, catalyzes long term profitability and organic growth.  

 Next Steps:

Once intellectual property is secure,  large scale genetically modified Cannabis seed distribution can commence. 





Competitive advantage

At DBS the production of Cannabis plants that are genetically predisposed to higher yields allows the ability to produce more Cannabis than our competitors with lower cost of production per unit. This is achieved through our propriety modification techniques.  At DBS the application of botanical principles and theories aid in the production of superior products than our competitors at lower cost.  These scientific and technical methods include but are not limited to: advanced LED lighting techniques, aeroponics production, Carbon Dioxide enrichment, sealed positive pressure environments, and a very strict breeding regimen most attentive to allelic interactions. Microscopic and morphological analysis are utilized to ensure only the most desirable of traits are present and encouraged to flourish.