"For every gamer, every game, any platform"
Gilbert, Arizona, United States United States
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Company description

DuuL is the first solution that allows video gamers of all skill levels to compete for money and prizes by playing the games they love in a Cheater-free competition platform available on any gaming device and every game.








Awards and Mentions
  • 20247_3259
    Funding Winner, Tallwave-Hightide
    DuuL out of 600 applicants and 5 accelerator companies was one of the two companies awarded $50,000 in seed funding for our progress within the Hightide program.
  • Business model

    DuuL charges a small 10% commission for each dollar spent on competitions on the platform to ensure most value goes to the gamers participating. Secondly, DuuL contains a non-disruptive advertising method for free competitions to be sponsored by outside product creators that hav established high visibility within the eSports space currently like Intel, Redbull, and Samsung, just to name a few.

    Competitive advantage

    DuuL has four distinct advantages for giving access to eSports to every one of the 143 million spectators around the world. First, we are the only cheater-free competition where users are able to compete simply on their level or above, but never in a lower leveled competition. (White belts with White belts, black belts with black belts)

    Secondly, the current prize system for the few open video game competitions that do exist, winners must wait 6-8 weeks to recieve their physical or digital prize. Any cash awarded to our users will be at their fingertips and ready to pull out at any time, and physical prizes will be shipped and recieve within a week.

    Third, DuuL has the ability to Integrate into new games within a couple of weeks and new platforms within a few months. Our scalability is one of our largest advantages by far and with our quickly expandable architecture, we can move very quickly to provide this service to all types of video gamers. 

    Finally, DuuL has brought on the most talented User interface designesr to help tailor our experience to be as flawless as possible. Many of the previous attempts at the market have been with crappy interfaces and terrible user experiences. From our screenshots, you can see the intentional time we put in to make this as easy as possible to use.