Big A.I., Small Package
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Company description

At Dt42, we focus on visual intelligence.
Our team is a group of talent people with great patience in machine learning, computer vision and embedded systems. We know that A.I. has been really smart that it can even beat human in Go. However, why A.I. is not broadly used in our life yet? The reason we believe is, there is still a gap between the researches developed in the lab and real applications . The A.I. computation is costly, both in money and computing resources. The key to bring intelligence to life has to be the combination of senior engineering and research energy. We want to use our expertise to eliminate the barrier and to bring A.I. to real life.



Business model

Epeuva, the bridge between deep learning research and production. A platform creates variety of intelligence which runs small and fast on hardware devices.

This system can be integrated into powerful hardware like NVIDIA TX1 easily to make it a gateway or it can be embedded in low-power devices such as Raspberry Pi; or even on mobile phones.

We charge our customers for royalty fee and subscription fee.


Competitive advantage

This area is new. Our biggest competitors are startups. But usually they are focusing on AI research. What we provide is end to end service. Our customer come with data, and what they get is a small software package.

The total computer vision market is 33.3 billion. Since we are team base in Taiwan, we choose surveillance industry as our first market (half of cameras are produce by Taiwan .) So it's more easy for us to connect with those camera manufacturer.