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dSpot Inc
Behavioral Ad Supported WiFi Advertising
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

dSpot® is an amazing ad supported Free WiFi Hotspot network that can deliver your ads across your competitors web sites in a completely legal and acceptable way. Built around our own Hotspot network, we achieve phenomenal ROI for our advertisiers as we combine behavioral analytics, http sniffing and URL targeting to deliver ads when clients are focused on searching for your competitors information. We are even more focused than Google AdWords on getting your message in front of people who are ready to receive it..

Our network of Free WiFi Hotspots are currently deployed into 'test' cities by our partners - independent Yellow Page publishers and franchisees who already have sales staff on the streets and access to local business advertisers and customers get free WiFi Internet access in exchange for seeing ads.

Businesses who offer dSpot and provide the backhaul connection get free advertising on the network, our partner gets exclusivity, competitive advantage and a revenue share and dSpot achieves rapid national deployment so that our ad inventory share increases in saleability and value.

Our highly innovative ad model will turn Web Advertising on its head!

Business model

Free WiFi Hotspots delivered into local businesses who benefit from the additional foot traffic, free advertising and exposure. Ad display packages are sold by our partners to other businesses and these local ads are targeted by location and time of day.

75% of the ads shown are for local services and 25% are behaviorally targeted national brand ads and are URL/keyword/behavioral targeted, down to specific web sites where appropriate. Geico could advertise when a user view a State Farm web site, Ford could advertise their latest Hybrid when a Toyota web site it visited.

Competitive advantage

Local advertising (coupons, discounts, special offers) targeted at a local audience within 2 miles of the business.

National brand advertising targeted at an audience who are currently searching or browsing for similar products.

Hotspots deployed into local businesses where people sit and wait, using low cost hardware. Benefits the business with foot traffic and free advertising.

Our staff have decades of experience in, and contacts into the Independent Yellow Page industry - our primary distribution channel.

Built around custom firmware installed onto WiFi routers from many different suppliers - Linksys, Asus, NetGear, FON etc which creates an intelligent, distributed system - does not need to route all traffic through central servers (which would create a single point of failure)

Advanced behavioral targeting and URL/Domain targeting to increase ad value whilst maintaining complete user anonimity.

Replaces existing 'Free WiFi' services with something that provides increased benefits to the business owner.

We have built a sustainable lifestyle business to-date so we can survive until we can raise the funding necessary funding to take this nationwide.