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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

Drync builds mobile "lifestyle" applications that enable people to learn about and remember favorite specialty products while on the go.

Targeting the $330b wine industry and 70m wine loving US "Millenials", Drync's first product simplifies the way people research,store, share and purchase wine using their mobile device. Built initially for the iPhone, Drync-Wine is the only mobile wine application that scours 100's of thousands of wine listings in real time to identify the exact wine you are drinking, as well provide expert ratings and reviews. Users may snap a photo of the label, save the wine to their own virtual cellar with personal ratings and tasting notes, and purchase the wine from the phone.

Growth opportunities exist not only in expansion to new mobile platforms, but also to other specialty categories, such as beer,scotch, and cheese.

Founded in 2008, Drync is a privately held company in Cambridge, MA.The management team consists of seasoned technology entrepreneurswith deep industry expertise in mobile, social networking, ecommerce,and beverage industries.

Business model
Mobile applications are sold per download. We receive affiliate revenue on referrals of qualified buyers, or revenue on purchases of wine/beer. We plan to sell search  positioning to specific brands within the applications, and potentially allow brands to sponsor or co-brand the applications.
Competitive advantage

Our underlying "federated" search, spidering, de-duping, and relevance technologies process nearly 1 million wine listings today across many web databases, all in real time and on a per search basis. For the user, this means an extremely high success rate and rapid completion time for matching keywords to wine listings. In addition, Drync Wine is the only mobile wine app that combines search, professional reviews and ratings, and a virtual cellar in a single application.