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Company description

DroneDeploy makes Drone Operations Simple.

DroneDeploy.com is a smart drone management platform that helps you get stuff done with drones. It's built to be simple, safe and powerful, controlling multiple drones, from anywhere, on any device.

Making flight plans has never been easier -  just describe your mission, and DroneDeploy will build a dynamic flight path that avoids other aircraft, airports, and even urban areas while respecting local laws.

DroneDeploy also makes it easy to fulfil the purpose of missions, with a growing selection of Apps that enable a number of operations, including seamless photo-stitching and object identification. Our APIs are simple and open to developers.

Signup for the beta at dronedeploy.com

  • Jono Millin
    Jono Millin | Team member
    I love solving difficult problems both in research and business. I am passionate about science and using data to gain insights into problems, and automating the solutions.
  • Nicholas Pilkington
    Nicholas Pilkington | Team member
    Nicholas Pilkington founded @DroneDeploy
  • Mike Winn
    Mike Winn | Team member
    Founder of Drone Deploy, drone hobbyist and ex googler, living in his 9th city - awesome SF.