Location: TechHub,, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 16-30
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Referred by: 2017 Robot Launch

Drone Space AI

London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

Drone Space AI is an early stage start up  based in the UK and Romania. We are a team of tech veterans with proven track records in software development, design, marketing and sales with companies like Nokia, Microsoft, BAE systems, Sagar Defence, Garmin and Continental. Drone Space AI has been set up as a subsidiary of the holding company (Third Space Auto) to focus on AI enabled software platform design for unmanned vehicles with the objective of creating autonomous and collaborative swarms of unmanned vehicles (UAV, UGV). Our proprietary algorithms are hardware agnostic, turn key and modular. The user experience is completely voice enabled and natural language based. Data processed and obtained remains secured, encrypted and offline

Use cases:
1. Autonomous last mile resupply
2. Convoy protection
3. Security, surveillance and patrolling
4. Autonomous weapon system – airborne and ground based robots
5. IED detection using autonomous drones and ground robots
Summary: software platform to allow the operation of multiple UAVs and UGVs simultaneously using voice

Value Proposition 

Safety and security - Removes the need for a human element from any task that requires surveillance, patrolling, reconnaissance in dangerous terrorist prone environments. 
Always on - 24/7, 365 days of the year. 
Efficiency - Gives the ability to control multiple drones, flying vehicles and ground robots simultaneously to complete a task autonomously, collaboratively and with minimum human intervention. 
Flexible - The software is hardware agnostic, can be trained for any use case. 
Secure - all the data processed and obtained remain secured, encrypted and offline. In other words, the data does not leave the device which is being used. The data includes critical information such as, but not limited to GPS coordinates, faces of human beings, vehicle information, location, timestamps. 
Seamless user experience - troops can 'talk' to the UAV or UGV and instruct it on what to do. No pilot license required. 
Modular, easily deployable - The software does not need GPS, will operate easily in any environment. Features like path planning and dynamic course correction on the fly. It can be a standalone system, or it can also be retrofitted in an existing system.


Business model

We are a white label solution with a SaaS revenue model - NRC (custom verticals, object classification, hardware adaptation etc.) plus license fees per region, per language.
We are hardware agnostic so will work with any hardware manufacturer of choice
As we are an early stage start up we are in the process of sourcing customers and will be able to provide an end to end solution which includes hardware.

Competitive advantage

We are a subsidiary of a holding company, a start up called Third Space Auto who are developing automotive grade software with clients like the VW Group and Seat. uses the inference algorithms and voice engine that are being validated by these companies so are robust and sound. We also have a 20 person development team supporting us.