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Company description
UK Drinks Comparison Website and 24 hour 'Recommend Me' Service.
Business model

DrinkPrice (www.drinkprice.com) is a limited company in the UK. DrinkPrice.com is a national drinks price comparison website with a 24 hour personal "Recommend Me..." sevice as well as videos with major UK drinks merchants, blogs and full social media interaction.


It will be the only dedicated drinks comparison site in the UK and will generate considerable revenue from 3rd party affiliate commissions and advertising.

Competitive advantage

The business starts with a price comparison web-site. However, on this web-site there is also a range of other features, constantly updated, to attract a regular and loyal audience. These include videos of product reviews by famous wine buffs, food matching tutorials, blogs and forums.

The base of the site is, however, a comprehensive price comparison facility incorporating all drinks sold by both the major and specialist retailers. The clever part of the back-end system involves a categorisation process utilising industry experts to provide the product knowledge which enables the system to semi-automate this activity; essential with the volumes of disparate products and non-standard descriptions.