Renaissance in Diagnostics
Irvine, California, United States United States
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Define QA, Inc. is a biotech startup based on low-powered, acoustic microfluidics for portable diagnostics. With roots in information technology including web development and cloud computing, we introduce an advanced level of diagnostic monitoring. We have a patent-pending, platform technology in microfluidics which uses ultrasound to perform biological assays. Our technology enables powerful tools in sample preparation, reagent delivery, analyte detection, and other biomolecular assays. Our level of microfluidic control is aimed at improving precision and accuracy in various assays as well as enabling new assays. We aim to provide quality results from portable diagnostics and research and clinical tools; all of which can provide data that can be managed and analyzed in electronic information systems. The QA in our company name highlights our commitment to Quality Assurance to ensure that products always meet or exceed customer expectations.