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Denver, Colorado, United States United States
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While working for FEMA on wildfires in Colorado and other states, the inventor started thinking about how to help smokers extinguish cigarettes without flicking them out their car windows or flicking them on the ground. After seeing how many people used water bottles to extinguish their butts with water, the idea for Douse It started to take shape. 

In addition to litter, discarded cigarette butts pose a significant threat to our environment in terms of wildfires. Each year, forest fires ravage vast areas, killing wildlife and vegetation that can take years to return. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, more than 90,000 fires every year are caused by cigarettes in the United States alone.

If you thought something this small didn’t matter…..please think again…we need your help to reduce litter and prevent wildfires from tossed cigarette butts! Douse It can help