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The Doovle Advantage

Doovle provides a very cost effective, easy to implement and flexible platform with a unique and leading approach to video search technology.

The platform combines a set of cleverly engineered applications providing an intelligent, patent-pending online and mobile HD video delivery and video search platform. Doovle enables its clients to manage, search, store and broadcast video in an innovative way. Developed to provide video solutions that makes it easy and cost effective to engage audiences, improve user experience, increase accessibility, build brands and move people to action. The platform architecture enables deployment behind the firewall either as a standalone or integrated offering enabling content owners to develop services, applications and revenue models using all or any of its video applications .Doovle clients gain immediate access to cutting edge video search technology without the need for heavy capital expenditure and the inevitable costly time delays in developing alternative solutions. 


The platform delivers the following key advantages:

Encoding and Uploading: Doovle uploads and encode most video formats for broadcast to web and mobile using its “Movie Maker” desktop application. This ability to upload and encode directly on to the steaming server will reducing upload times by a factor of 6.This improves the customer experience and considerably reduces bandwidth costs by up to 40%. The Movie maker uploader also enables’s automatic binding providing the option to add for example Pre Roll advertising or other video content. All uploaded video content is automatically provided with its own embed code, tiny URL, and URL with image.

Content Management: The platform provides a powerful video CMS enabling clients to manage content and all the associated Meta data, titles, descriptions in a secure administrative interface. It provides its users with the ability to allow the video content to be shared or deployed on other websites, mobile or blogs automatically. The content can be viewed either individually or by controlled groups and it also enables video rights holders to monetise their content through its own or any multi-channel billing and payment platform for delivery to the end user online or mobile worldwide.

The Doovle Video search Technology: Video is the most unstructured yet the most information-rich type of content on the Internet. There are many solutions to searching for WHOLE videos on the web, but we at Doovle are looking further ahead. We are interested in searching FOR SCENES within whole videos so that users can find what they actually want, rather than what the SEO industry has in mind for them on any given day.  In our business, "video search" does not mean finding a video to watch by some kind of Meta data search on its title, keywords or description. To us, video search is about finding a scene within a video. It’s this very ability to search within video which provides the video content owners with the opportunity to deliver a greater user experience and to develop a whole series of new business models, from Sports Training, Education, Security, Medical, Risk Assessment, Quiz games, Directories, etc. This search technology alone provides high accuracy in the search of a video's soundtrack, in any language .When a user searches for a word or a phrase, the search engine generates a set of results, ordered by relevance, showing which lines of narrative or dialogue were matched, which individual video they occurred in and the relevant time points. 

Doovle search also provides you with precision timing having developed the software techniques to automatically synchronising the timing data in the search engine index with the true video soundtrack at multiple points throughout each video we index. In this way we can guarantee an accuracy of within one second for implementations based on original subtitle data. 

The platform also allows us to provide subtitle data handling by taking the subtitles or closed caption data in any recognised format in text form. We can also take subtitle data sets in the form of stacks of bitmaps (as used on DVD) and convert those to a standardised text format. We then convert the subtitle data into a proprietary data format that we have perfected for use in our video search engine.  

This structure allows us to provide rapid Implementations where good quality subtitle data is available. We can construct an isolated instance of our search engine for a collection of video of any size in a matter of hours. In most cases we also take care of all the video preparation, encoding, hosting and streaming but we can also integrate a separately hosted instance of our video search engine with an existing video delivery site or application.  

Why Is This Useful?

Well, Amazon has invested enormous resources into the "search inside the book" service and it continues to do so because it sells more books than it otherwise might. Would rent out more movies if they let their film loving customers search for scenes from the greatest movies ever made? 

Doovle’s integrated video search engine provides possibly the most accurate “inside video” search engine ever built. No other provider provides such an accurate and technically advanced video search tools.



See for yourself:


               Go to: ,


Click on BBC Life image, when the screen opens up hit the search tab. Now let’s imagine you are looking for a video clip of a bird that you cannot remember what it’s called but do remember that it makes a noise like a  “ camera shutter” therefore type in "camera shutter" into the “Search For” box You will be presented by the search results, play the first video. You will be, I promise amazed, not just by this fantastic video clip but also by the power of our video search engine which is built into the platform.


               The Blackadder demo: 

We took the whole of the BBC’s Black Adder series which we encoded and installed on our Doovle TV VOD platform. Using our unique “in video search” technology you can now view the whole series but you also now  can search, find and play the exact scenes where your favourite quotations or catch phrases are spoken in each series. For Example try “I have a cunning plan “ Please note both links are not for general public release and we have used the content for the sole purpose of  demonstrating our “in video” search technology  Test platform with database of 1200+ full length Movies




Business model

1. Free platform use , with a charge on streaming and storage

2. Licence from £5k to £25K

3.Bespoke build 



Competitive advantage

No other platform worldwide  has yet to provide or has developed our "in video search" applications.

Price , voted by Brand Income International as the most competitive  and technically advanced on line video platform provider in the UK

Our Movie Maker encoding application can save up to 40% of upload band width costs.