Pick1 is an innovative social media platform for opinions, that boosts consumer engagement with brands and executes profiled market research.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

"Market Research on Steroids: an innovative real-time geolocalized platform to collect, aggregate and share unique online opinions while increasing consumer engagement with brands."

 Pick1 is conversational advertising as market research tool, and vice versa: the perfect merge to engage your current (or prospect) target consumers.

Pick1 is a catalyst for the users and a measurable channel for the brands who wish to:

  • know their customers' opinions while maintaining high engagement levels,

  • increase audience through the virality characteristic of the social media,

  • collect reliable results from a target of users potentially unlimited in size/reach

  • while at the same time securing the real uniquenes of the vote itself 

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Awards and Mentions
Business model

B2B whitelabel: setup cost + Cost Per Vote (plans with monthly caps with recurring fees)

B2B2C self provisioning: Cost Per Vote (plans with monthly caps with recurring fees), today defined also as CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

Advertisement platform: publishing cost based on votes (Google Adsense model)

Competitive advantage

as opinion platform: User Validation, Vote Uniqueness, System Scalability, Opinion Tagging, Outcome Speed, Structure Flexibility, Conversational Value, Viral Effect, User Reward

as a overal tool and product: unique bundle of user engagement tool together with an advanded market research platform