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Company description

Dokkit is the website and mobile app where you can find your interests, automatically populate your calendar with their schedules, and access content, such as articles, videos, deals, and recommendations relevant to the events in your calendar. Dokkit will save you time and frustration by letting you easily track your interests and access information and context around your calendar events.

Business model

The primary revenue stream for Dokkit will be advertising. The more engaged users Dokkit has, the more ads will be served and the more advertising revenue will be garnered, but the key aspect is the deep targeting that Dokkit will be able to achieve. Also, product links, deals and coupons will be delivered to users based on their preferences and Dokkit will be paid an affiliate fee for any purchase that is derived from the site.

Competitive advantage

Our team has over 20 years of experience in building high-quality web products, attracting customers and driving revenue. In particular, Mike, the CEO, has worked in the sports industry, where calendars and schedules are of paramount importance to fans, so he has a keen understanding of the potential user. Also, Dokkit will be built as a calendar ecosystem, allowing developers to build on top of the platform to provide more value to users.