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Founded in: 2002
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DocQ Smart Mobile Business Platform

Never miss a pospects call again, collaborate from anywhere, whehter in your office, car, or hotel.
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Ontario, California, United States United States
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DocQ-SmartTM Professional is a powerful portal system that integrates messaging/collaboration, contact management, product/catalog management, sales order management, and document management technologies into one inclusive easy to use product. Designed specifically to support the challenges of a mobile workforce, DocQ-SmartTM can provide advanced business workflow tools that function either on-line (if you have internet connectivity) or off-line. Upon detecting internet service, DocQ-Smart will automatically synchronize all system activities, documents, and tasks with the primary collaboration server.

If using a laptop computer that supports digital writing capabilities (such as a tablet computer), DocQ-SmartTM will allow you to integrate true writing (wet-signatures) into your documents. DocQ-Smart's security encryption features will ensure that any document you create will never be altered. The extensive audit trail maintained by DocQ-SmartTM details the activities associated with every created document in case the integrity of such document is ever challenged.

Since DocQ-Smart Professional is a solution hosted in our data center, there is no need for costly servers or technical staff to maintain this system. Your company can begin creating sales orders and managing contracts within a few hours of ordering service.

Key advantages of the Professional version of DocQ-SmartTM:

  • Company designed process-driven workflow system.
  • Collaboration and sharing of group, team, and corporate documents.
  • Complete version control and retention enforcement of all company-wide documents.
  • Integrated system email and fax service.
  • 24X7 Technical Support Services.


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