DJ Nitrogen
Location: 11 Lupine Avenue, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
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DJ Nitrogen

digital media collaboration platform
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

DJ Nitrogen makes it easy to legally share remixes of copyrighted media.

The first launch from our platform is Sharetones, a simple solution to disrupt the ringtone market. Sharetones are ringtones you share. We match your music with someone else's "ringtone recipe" to give you a ringtone from the song, instantly. We leverage the advantages of user-generated social media while protecting the owners of the copyrighted music.

Sharetones works across multiple platforms and devices, from the desktop to the breakthrough app for the Android (July'09) and WinMobile (August'09) platforms.

Sharetones is built on the DJ Nitrogen content collaboration platform that lets users legally share their mash-ups and remixes with others who own the same source content. The ringtone "recipes" are created and shared by users of a Sharetones desktop application or the new Sharetones add-on for the Songbird Media Player. Each of these applications features full audio editing capabilities, resulting in a huge database of custom ringtones. This powers the experience for the smart-phone users. For example, the soon-to-release Android app matches these recipes to the music stores on a user's Android handset, giving instant access to a large and growing selection of ringtones for song he/she already owns. It all happens right on the handset - no more browsing the carrier's high-priced selection or shopping third party sites.

The company has several patents (issued and pending) for the technology that powers its platform, including the “recipe sharing” technology that let's users legally share remixes and mash-ups of copyrighted content. The platform can support any digital media - including audio, video and user created mash-ups - but we're focusing on music ringtones first.

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  • Bill Hensley
    Bill Hensley | Team member
    Marketing and communications leader adept at developing brand-defining marketing and communication solutions.Currently leading marketing for San Francisco based start-up DJ Nitrogen, developer of Sharetones, the legal solution to sharing copyright...
Business model
SaaS platform powering desktop and smart-phone devices. Three-tier architecture.
Competitive advantage
Our solution leverages the advantages of user-generated content in a way that protects copyright holders and adds value to all partners in the ecosystem.