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I got the idea for DineMob from my brother who is a notorious haggler. One of his go to moves was to go to restaurants during slow times and ask for things for free. He would ask to speak to the manager and tell them to give him a free appetizer, a free drink, SOMETHING, and if they did so, he'd promise to call some of his friends up to join him - bringing the restaurant more business in this slow period.

That whole scenario, is what DineMob aims to recreate on a broad scale. 

DineMob is a flash sale voucher application that delivers restaurant deals to users who are willing to eat at off-peak times: outside of normal lunch and dinner hours. 

We are different from other deal aggregates such as Groupon and Living Social because we are a better partner for restaurants, and as well as being more innovative on the user side. 

We are a better partner for restaurants for 3 reasons:

1.) we focus only on food deals, not yoga, shopping, or rock climbing, therefore delivering a better-targeted user base for restaurants

2.) we focus only on restaurant's slow hours - therefore delivering coupon-buying users only when the restaurants need them, and never when they don't. A DineMob coupon user will never take away a seat from a full price paying customer.

And 3.)…. and this is an important one: we pay faster. These other guys typically escrow money for up to 60 days before paying out, which handicaps the small and medium sized business owners. We don't do that. 

So, we're a better partner for the restaurants, but we're also more innovative on the user side. We're mobile first, and mobile only, for the user. The flash-sale application adds an incentivized "I have to have this now" feel and approach to the app, and the point-collecting, "build your own mob and crowd fund your next meal" gamefies the experience while driving brand loyalty and keeping our user acquisition costs down.

All of that basically means, we're cooler. 

We estimate we can make a $2 per user margin off of each deal.

So, we are raising money in order to scale. Our goal is 500 restaurants and 75,000 users in Texas a year from now, which would net us $1 million in operating profit.






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