we create kick-ass solutions to make businesses of our clients fly
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San Jose, California, United States United States
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Company description

Facts you need to know. 

4 years in market

50 employees


- San Jose, CA (HQ)

- Dnepropetrovsk, UA (development center)

process: SCRUM

goal: make competitors lose sleep

Synergy with client

With our Clients we are building up a unified team, based on respect, professionalism and trust. We proactively get our Client involved into work processes. We highly value our Clients time and thus we always provide accurate and objective statuses of their projects. We appreciate every new opportunity our Clients are giving us. And our Clients are happy to give us new opportunities. We respect business of our Clients. 

Expert approach

We are a company of aggressive hungry for challenges IT professionals. We always strive to offer our Clients best possible solutions instead of just selling "men-hours" to them. We always fully study our Clients issues first before coming up with final solution for them. Sometimes it happens that our Client, being a non-professional in IT, asks us to develop and deliver a solution that's not quite reasonable for solving his problem. In this situation we won't follow Client's logic, because we are not interested in submitting a "Huge Bid", but are excited about finding and delivering the most efficient solution. This is why our Clients stay with us through all these years and we are constantly getting new referred business. Our turnover is less than 6%, so our clients can expect continuity both through and after delivery! 

We are responsible. We deliver. 

Our Clients are putting their trust in us and we highly appreciate it. They realize that each one of us - no matter if it's a CEO or a floor cleaner is personally and professionally responsible not only for success of projects that he directly or indirectly takes part in, but also for the entire Company success. We are the guys you can rely on. 

Initiative in work

We are initiative. Our people don't sit and wait until "the boss" comes and tells them how to do their job or when our Client notices and reports a problem in his project. Our company is not just another place to get employed, work 8 hours a day with guaranteed 1 hour lunch time. We are constantly growing and developing. We are fully dedicated and focused on our deliverables. We are always seeking ways to dramatically improve our overall work processes to deliver end products faster, more affordably and with higher quality. We continuously learn through Clients and employees feedback and therefore we deliver every new task faster and with higher quality than before. 

Harmony in a like-minded people company

We enjoy every day of our collaborative work at Dimalex. By sharing, exchanging and compensating missing skills and necessary knowledge inside the team we believe together we can gain a lot more than any one of us individually. Dimalex creates, maintains and constantly customizes comfortable conditions for work and professional growth. Dimalex is a great place for like-minded professionals who love to either effectively use given or create own exciting opportunities. Dimalex is where every one of us feels like saying - I am the company!