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Company description

Digital Align is a Digital Transformation Consulting Company with extensive experience in Financial Services like Banks and Credit Unions.

Digital Align Inc is launching "Sloaner"- A Crowdsource Lending for Students.

Sloaner is a student performance driven decision and rates engine that will encourage students to perform well in school to keep their interest rate low.

A Crowdsource lender will have an opportunity to earn better interest rates based on the student loan they pick. A student from elite school and 4.0 GPA is a low risk and low rate Loanee while a student from a community college with 3.0 GPA is a high risk but high interest rate Loanee.

The lender can select his own risk and reward model to lend his money to students to be successful and also secure his loan by offering an internship at his company.
















Business model

Sloaner has a unique business model and can be very profitable.

1.Sloaner will generate revenue from the commission on every loan that is made through Sloaner 

2. Sloaner will open our platform for businesses to promote their products and services that are relevant to students and this will generate the advertisement revenue for Sloaner

3. Sloaner will also open our platform for posting jobs for companies that are looking to hire smart and fresh graduates or interns. This will allow us to get subscription revenue from companies interested in posting jobs.

Competitive advantage

Sloaner is a performance and community driven and this model separates us from the competition. As a student swipes his pre-paid debit card, the loaner has the visibility on how his money is spent and he can control the interest rate based on transaction type and student grades.

None of our competition has tapped in to performance and transaction driven decision model for student lending.