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DIGI CLIP mobile forms
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Company description

DIGI CLIP mobile forms is a fully customisable mobile form solution consisting of a smart device app and cloud based software that allows checklists, audits and other forms to be completed on an IOS or Android smart device and then submitted to the cloud based software for storage. Once a form is submitted an automated email alerts all that need to know that form has been submitted. Further, all submitted forms are archived in the cloud-based software and can be accessed anywhere in the world via the Internet and a web browser.

 DIGI CLIP mobile forms uses all the functionality of a smart device, such as image capture, signature capture and GPS functionality, to enhance the information captured in a form.

 The DIGI CLIP app works seamlessly with and without Internet connectivity.







  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey | Team member
    Michael is the founder and managing director of DIGI CLIP | mobile forms. DIGI CLIP | mobile forms is a highly configurable mobile form platform used by businesses to turn their paper forms to digital. Cloud services and a smart device app provide...
Business model

DIGI CLIP mobile forms is a SaaS model. The cost starts at $2.75AD per person per month. 

Competitive advantage

DIGI CLIP has had no funding rounds and is lean and mean for business and growth.