Design for Social Change (D4SC)

Design for Social Change (D4SC)
Crowd power better neighbourhoods
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

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Changify is a real-time crowd powered mobile platform for smart citizens to create better neighbourhoods. Borne in response to a lack of simple tools for ordinary people to easily change their neighbourhood directly from their phone, Changify crowd sources, solves and funds better neighbourhoods.

Changify joins the dots: from walking down the street and spotting something you care about that you want to change, immediately sharing it and then suggesting or finding pre-suggested solutions from peers, through to building support and backing with neighbours, councils, local business and brands to make the change happen. 

Currently people write letters to council/MP, use Fixmystreet but can't track progress or crowd-solve/ fund a solution. UK council funding has been halved from £1.2 billion impacting local communities. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Spacehive aren’t mobile, easy to use, with only a 46% success rate. The public-spending crowdfunding segment is worth £1 billion in the UK alone.

Changify taps into local sentiment, context and business to transform neighbourhoods into self-sufficient communities by leveraging local resources, skills and budgets so everyone benefits.

Changify is a system changer joining dots between citizens, councils and business to co-create better cities, by repurposing social ad inventory, loyalty points and civic data creating win/win for all unlike our competition.

Changify is developed by Design for Social Change, a win-win social impact business for citizens, local businesses and brands, with a mission to change the way global brands connect locally with communities to improve lives to get a better return on their social good investment.


Awards and Mentions
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    We were selected amongst 300 startups to be part of the first Hubraum accelerator from Deutsche Telecom - Berlin ( Nov 2013)
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    Invited to present at Ted X City 2.0 Berlin
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    1/5 Shortlisted for 2013 MEFFYS for Innovative biz model
  • Business model

    1. % Commission from neighbours/citizens for successfully backed projects

    2. Subscription model - Brands and Local businesses 

    3. Subscription model - Realtime data for councils & city admin 


    Competitive advantage
    1. Crowd-powered smart citizen mobile platform
    2. While competitive solutions fall into one of three categories: 1) Crowdsourcing (, Ushahidi, Neighborland ), 2) Crowd-solving (Open Ideo, Sparked), 3) Crowdfunding ( Spacehive, Kickstarter, ioby) Changify is the first platform to integrate crowdsourcing, solving and funding into a mobile smart citizen platform capturing community needs,  and retaining consumer attention from activation through conversion. 

    Loyalty points 

    Civic real-time mobile data


    to back community projects and drive footfall back to business and brands in neighbourhoods while council gets real-time intelligence on criticality of issues so they can spend limited resources/budget in best way possible. (Unlike competion - Spacehive, Fixmy Street, SeeClick Fix, Neighbourland etc)