Location: Tokyo, Japan Japan
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Dendama, the smart kendama. Take on the world.
Tokyo, Japan Japan
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Unleash the Kendama's potential with App integration! Compete on the global stage wherever you are!

Kendama has more than 3 million players in Japan alone, and is booming in popularity across the world. Dendama connects to your smart device through the Dendama app so you can pit your skills against other players wherever they may be. Trick your play with Dendama for a whole new level of enjoyment!

The Dendama comes equipped with detection sensors that recognize your tricks, built in vibrational feedback that you can turn on to go wild in battle mode play, and optional LED lighting to up your performance and presentation level.


An 18th century Japanese folk toy loved by 21st century people around the world.

Simple in design and creative in function. A Kendama consists of a circular ball, a string, and a finely-cut wooden base with 3 cups and a spike. Players hold a Kendama in one hand and try to perform tricks by landing the ball into one of the cups or on the spike.

Wielding the Kendama takes good hand eye coordination, balance, and practice to play, and there is a natural progression of tricks to learn as you go from beginner to Kendama veteran.

The Kendama has been trending in the USA and other Western countries and is now even spreading to other parts of Asia. Come and join the fun!


Dendama is the smart reimagining of this Japanese folk toy. The Kendama has gained new popularity, evolving from toy to extreme sport. Dendama takes this evolution further. Trick training, battling and cooperative play are just the beginning. Kendama players around the world will be able to face off against each other wherever they may be. We have already produced the first round of Dendama in Japan through the Japanese crowdfunding site, Makuake. With Dendama, we hope to open up the world of Kendama to connect people all around the world.

Our new upgraded Dendama has improved user friendliness with improved balance and weight and comes fully functional in English.



Kendama has traditionally been played by oneself. But as one gets better, it is only natural to want to share the game and keep on playing. As players enter their 20s and 30s in Japan and the US, it becomes harder to find friends to play with. That is what we wanted to change. Plus, we added original gaming elements to make Kendama attractive to new players while keeping it competitive for veteran players.



Setting up your Dendama is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Switch On Your Dendama 
Step 2: Load Up the App 
Step 3: Pair your Dendama and App


Start low and go high with quest progression challenges. Dendama sets tricks you must hit before moving on. Trick difficulty is limitless. See if you can crown yourself champion! Updates will feature new quests for you to embark on!

As you progress in the quests and win battles, you will earn rewards. Rewards can be used as game tokens or to outfit your avatar with items, weapons, armor and accessories. You can be a Dendama Pirate, or even a Dendama Viking!


*Under development. Final version of the app will have full English support.*Under development. Final version of the app will have full English support.

Train anywhere, anytime. Battles not going as you want? Quests kicking your butt? It’s time to get your training on. The trick list has explanatory videos to unlock the secrets and raise your success rate so you can land tricks consistently and confidently.


Players can battle against their friends in a variety of games. The app keeps a record of wins and losses, rank among all Dendama players, and their specialty tricks to show off for bragging rights.


Landing a trick will fill your opponent’s screen with falling blocks. The harder the trick you land, the more blocks that will fall down.

You can take the safe route of doing rapid easy tricks or live on the edge and go for that one trick that will make it rain down like a storm on your opponent.


*Under development. Final version of the app will have full English support.*Under development. Final version of the app will have full English support.

One of Dendama’s signature competitive games is Dendama Occupy (Jin-Dash). Strategy and skill will decide the winner in this grab for territory. Tap on the trick you want and complete it within the time limit to steal the spot from your opponent. Gain ground on your opponent to steal their spots away. Whoever is left with the most territory, wins.

You no longer have to travel to play Kendama with your friends. With your skills brushed up, it’s time to get a Dendama team together. Cooperate in team only quests and battle for top position in team tournaments. World tournament events are in the works.



Dendama uses a coil sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyro sensor. The sensors recognize where the ball lands and can analyze the ball’s movement to identify different tricks.

Unfortunately, Dendama cannot sense tricks where the ball balances outside of the four main rests (like the Bird), and is something we will be looking into in the future.


Supported Languages: English, Japanese 
Supported OS: iOS 8 and later, Android 5.1 and later 
Data Transmission: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) 
Body Material: ABS Resin 
Body Length: 16cm~18.5cm (6.3"~7.3")
Ball Diameter: 6cm~6.6cm (2.4"~2.6")
Battery life: 5 hours (depending on play) 
Weight (body and ball combined): 160g (0.35lbs)  (may change during development)

*Includes instruction manual.

**All pictures and videos are for concept image purposes only and will be updated.

***Specifications may change without notice.