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Company description

Defynance is a fintech refinancing student loans with innovative income share agreements (ISA). Founded by Farrukh Siddiqui, an entrepreneur dedicated to building socially responsible financial solutions, Defynance is enabling disruptive social impact by tackling the $1.5+ Trillion student debt crisis. We have a six-person team based in Tampa, FL. We have partnered with Experian, Measure One, Payfactors, and other leading vendors and data providers to bring our innovative ISA product to market. We have a strong Advisory panel consisting of our two co-founders Faisel Saeed and Omair Hashimi along with other technology and industry leaders. Our mentor and support network is further enhanced by Embarc Collective and the University of South Florida Tampa Bay Technology Incubator along with the Hunter Business Law team. The Defynance private beta launched on March 15, 2019. We are actively processing ISA refinance applications from candidates who have graduated from college and are gainfully employed. Besides the founders, capital has been raised from friends and family. We are currently engaged with angel investors to complete our seed funding round necessary to establish product-market fit and to build scalable and repeatable processes. We plan to be ready for our first Series A round sometime in 2020.



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Business model

We earn immediate 1% processing fee with every transaction from the ISA refinancer and 2% from the ISA funder.  We also earn a monthly servicing fee for the term of the contract.

Competitive advantage

Our proprietary algorithm considers various factors including risk to determine individualized pricing for every refinancing candidate and we have a mechanism allowing each refinancing candidate to take equity into their own ISA and earn a savings return at the end.  We will give people money when the successfully finish their ISA obligation.  We also have access to niche markets that have a pent up demand for our ISA platform.