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DeepDyve, Inc
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Company description

DeepDyve is the largest online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research with over 30 million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. 

 Today, people who research online must visit numerous websites to find the information that they seek.  As they identify interesting titles or abstracts, they must often pay $30 or more to read the full-text of each article. DeepDyve makes research easy and affordable. For as little as $0.99, users can rent and read the full-text of countless articles from DeepDyve’s vast collection of prestigious content.


Business model


DeepDyve's target market is composed of the 50 million US (250 million worldwide) sophisticated consumers and professionals, so-called "knowledge workers", who use the web for research — for themselves, their families or in their jobs — on many subjects vital to their education, health and careers.  DeepDyve's goal is to enable these knowledge workers to discover and read the valuable works of our publisher partners. First, by aggregating millions of authoritative articles in one place, DeepDyve creates a destination for knowledge workers to search and browse across a wide selection of content. Second, DeepDyve's proprietary search technology enables an untrained searcher to express complex concepts in a simple and intuitive way and provides easy-to-use tools for filtering and sorting through relevant and related documents. And finally, DeepDyve allows the user to not just find an article, but actually read the full-text of an article for as little as $0.99.

DeepDyve has reached agreement with more than 30 publishers to permit access to the full text of their content for indexing and discovery by users through the DeepDyve software and website.    Since October, 2009, a growing number of these publishers have also agreed to allow DeepDyve to rent their articles under a revenue-sharing arrangement.  DeepDyve also provides an API version of its search technology, either on a fee basis or for a share of ad revenue, to publishers  who want to provide the DeepDyve search capability to their own subscribers.

Competitive advantage


1)      KeyPhraseTM algorithm which indexes all words and phrases, 15x the information capture of traditional keyword engines.  This patent pending technology enables indexing of Deep Web (unstructured) content;

2)       Ease of use: DeepDyve’s long query capability (queries can be up to 25k characters) enables users to paste entire documents as their query to find related articles.  Unlike traditional search engines, the DeepDyve user does not need to “dumb down” complex search topics into 2 or3 key words and sort thru millions of irrelevant results.

3)       Quality of content – agreements with more than 30 publishers enable users to  search the full text of articles, rather than just the abstract and citation metadata;

4)       Unique rental model enables users to browse full articles and read before they buy expensive articles.