Dedicated Diabetic Care (DDC)

Dedicated Diabetic Care (DDC)
diabetes, obesity, telehealth, big data, therapeutics
Boca Raton, FL, USA
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Company description

DDC is a healthcare company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for diabetes and obesity deploying digital therapeutics and data analytics based proprietary platform.

Our mission is to deploy modern technology to regulate, high blood sugar by slowly replacing the patient’s medicinal intake with life style based integrated care that prevents long term side effects.


DDC will have two part approach:

1. Diabetic Coach -

•Online doctor – empowerment thru education
•Prevention & wellness
•Patient Engagement (taking charge of your health)
• Making Food your Medicine

2.  Diabetic Machine -

•Predictive data analytic (provides clinical intelligence)
•Digital therapeutics (deploys stimulation techniques)
•Tele health (brings point of care to home)


Dedicated Diabetic Machine  (DDM)

Digital Solution for High Blood Sugar

 DDM is a non-pharmaceutical tool, resembles an exercise machine, and is designed for diabetes wellness. It converges digital therapeutics and telehealth with real time data analytics to activate body's own immunity by repairing impaired cells and facilitating nutrient absorption. It is a safe, portable, cost effective and non-invasive device for home use. It will reduce dependence on modern medicine, their side effects, complications, and can be a significant help to diabetics worldwide.


Business model

DDC activates the body’s own immunity to regulate

hormones responsible for blood sugar metabolism, facilitate

nutrient absorption at a regular pace, and promote natural processes


  Our business is based on four ideas:


Converge data, digital therapeutics and telehealth to reduce cost


Integrated diabetic management approach


Mind and emotions play a pivotal role in healthy living


Reduce dependence on modern medicine, their side effects, and complications


Competitive advantage

DDC does not have any direct competition for external, non-invasive, and therapeutic devices for high blood sugar. 

The modern drugs and insulin does provide competition, however DDC addresses the needs of external therapies to counteract the long term dangerous side effects of these drugs.

Stem cells research and its implementation can provide competition in future.

Genome science and personalized medicine can also provide some competition in future.

GI Dynamics implants 5ft. long tube in the stomach surgically.

Entero-Medics Inc. develops implantable systems for the treatment of obesity.