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Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Decoded Health’s mission is to improve health outcomes and accessibility to high quality primary care for less than 1% of the average monthly household income (approximately $30 in the United States). In order to realize this level of affordability, Decoded Health is developing an integrated primary care delivery platform that automates patient communication, and generates real-time, personalized, clinical recommendations for providers. Our platform is based on multiple DARPA-funded technologies including state-of-the-art explainable deep learning, which have been developed by SRI International – the birthplace of Siri, Nuance, and Intuitive Surgical.

Initially, we are building a primary care clinic in California and look to quickly scale our platform through our own clinics, a unique synthesis of virtual and physical care that disaggregates the unit of supply in primary care so that the type of care delivered matches the patient's need. By precisely personalizing the type of care delivered, we increase the supply of health care, improving access and affordability in a time when the nation faces a primary care physician shortage and a crisis of healthcare affordability.

We are targeting the 100+ million people in the United States, and over 1 billion people worldwide who pay for primary care out-of-pocket and struggle to find access to quality care.

The founding team of Decoded Health brings together over 60 years of collective experience in clinical healthcare, machine learning, and health IT systems development. Our team comes from organizations that have been at the forefront of technology and medicine including: Kaiser Permanente, Orion Health, Discovery Health, Rincon Research, SRI International and Nuance Communications. Decoded Health is leveraging this experience along with our exclusive technology to build a product that fundamentally changes the way healthcare is delivered throughout the world.