Dealer Ignition

Dealer Ignition
Turning Online visitors into in-store sales.
Greenville, South Carolina, United States United States
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Company description

Dealer is the world leader in co-op online marketing. Everyday thousands of indepdent dealers use Dealer Ignition to promote brands online to generate sales for their physical and online stores. 

Brands use Dealer Ignition to recruit and optimize these independent dealers to market their brands online. 

Using Dealer Ignition brands and dealers gain local and national data that enables them to make quick market adjustments and transitions traditional media to online enabling them to reach their customers - online. 



  • Steven Wagner
    Steven Wagner | Team member
    Built a SaaS company in the marketing space. Grew it profitability. Enjoy build products, selling and marketing.
Business model

Dealer Ignition earns money in three ways:


- Subscriptions from brands monthly based on the number of dealers using the system


-  Professional Services - to the users (dealer and corporate)

 - Dealer Sales - payments by dealers to pay (and be reimbursed) by corporate clients. 


Competitive advantage


We are the only SaaS provider developing tools specific to the 4,000 brands that spend $50 billion a year with retailers to promote their products and brands to their customers.