Social media solution for event sponsors that expands brand awareness, community and profits.
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Company description

Event sponsors have a captive audience for several hours at major sporting events, concerts, and promotional parties.  

As an example, at a recent Glee Tour concert there were thousands of photos, videos, and tweets uploaded during the event. 

This content is important to the experience yet usually it is dispersed throughout the Internet.  The event sponsor  does not participate and once the event ends they lose contact with the attendees.  Also, the attendees don’t have a unified place to share their experience.

That’s where Dather comes in.  Our service provides them value by increasing the level of engagement for attendees as well as non-attendees, and for communication between brand-to-customer and customer-to-customer.  The attendees love it because they now have a multi-media scrapbook of the event.

The sponsor’s return on investment is extended beyond what could be created from the event alone. 



Business model

Dather charges a licensing fee to brands and businesses.  There are also additional consulting and customization fees.

$48 Billion will be spent on event sponsorships in 2011.  Social media heads of these sponsors have been specifically tasked with finding ways to increase the ROI of their live event spend via social media.


Competitive advantage

Dather focuses on events.  Dather organizes everything intuitively using a horizontal scrolling timeline.  Dather supports media from anywhere and anyone at anytime.