Location: Startup Shell, College Park, Maryland, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 12/2014, Seed: $275 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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Awards and mentions
DaoCloud was awarded two $5,000 grants from the Mtech Impact Seed Fund. The first award was in January, 2014 and the second was in August 2014.

Daocloud's wellness social network connects the self-help community in a way I haven't seen before. I strongly believe in their mission and the team carrying it out.

DaoCloud is the right platform at the right time. With SO many people looking for science- and wisdom-based self-care approaches to wellness and healing, DaoCloud makes it possible to meet the need with community referals and resources offered by trusted sources -- friends and health professionals. This is truly what everyone is looking for! Founders Eric Green and Max Coleman are both heart-centered and business savvy, the perfect duo to lead this endeavor. Their skill and intensions will make this fly.

From Jo Cooper


Social Wellness Network
College Park, Maryland, United States United States

DaoCloud is a social wellness network that empowers self-care through community - we aim to be the most trusted online wellness resource.

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Company description


 To reduce the rate of chronic health conditions across the globe.

The Healthcare Shift

Information technologies such as wearables, predictive analytics, genetic mapping, etc. are creating a new paradigm in healthcare, which is becoming more personalized, proactive, and holistic.


Scientific research demonstrates clear relationships between diet, lifestyle, and disease. For example 30-35% of cancer-related deaths are linked to diet - and are preventable (NIH).


This technological shift mirrors a social shift. For example, yoga is the ‘fastest growing sport’ in America (ABC), and organic food sales are growing at a 2-3x faster pace than conventional food sales (USDA, Statista). Emerging is a community of wellness enthusiasts and influencers who are driving this social shift.


More than half of Americans suffer from chronic disease, and 86% of all healthcare costs are spent treating chronic conditions (CDC). People are losing trust in the reactive model of healthcare, and are seeking holistic solutions that address the root cause of disease. 200 million people in the US are searching for health and wellness information online, however, these online searches yield disorganized and conflicting information.


100 million Americans are already using holistic therapies, many seeking care from holistic health professionals (Wellness Professionals). These professionals rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth, as conventional marketing proves ineffective for such sensitive services.




DaoCloud is a technology, community, and marketplace.

The public uses DaoCloud to find trusted information and resources that are crowd-sourced by the community, enabling people to tap into the ‘wisdom of the crowd.’ Wellness professionals market their practices through endorsements from the community, mimicking word-of-mouth. We call this the social wellness network.


DaoCloud will empower people to improve their health with personalized information, predictive analytics, and integrations with genetic data, biomarkers, wearables, etc. - as they become commonplace.


DaoCloud will evolve into the personalized wellness platform. This is ultimately a new model of healthcare that is built upon three principles: Holistic, Personalized, and Proactive.


  • Eric Green
    Eric Green | Founder
    DaoCloud naturally evolved as I learned to reverse Crohn’s disease and create software that could help people feel and live better. I was determined to start my own company while studying tech entrepreneurship in the Hinman CEOs incubator @UMD.
  • Max Coleman
    Max Coleman | Founder
    Co-founder and CEO of DaoCloud
  • John Serrao
    John Serrao | Founder
    I have been leading large-scale web development projects for over ten years, focused on improving user experience in scalable web applications that address real-world needs.
Business model

Professionals will pay a $360/year subscription – although professionals receive discounted first-year subscriptions during the early adopter stage. DaoCloud will always be free for members. Members and professionals are incentivised for inviting their networks. Wellness professionals on DaoCloud’s network will receive one free year subscription for every five wellness professionals who join DaoCloud from their invitation. DaoCloud representatives will be trained trained to recruit new professionals onto the network; affiliates are rewarded for recruiting their extended networks. We plan to open multiple revenue streams down the road by adding new accounts for wellness centers, natural food stores, wellness brands, and other key players in the wellness space.

Competitive advantage

DaoCloud’s partners and advisers are industry leaders in the wellness and technology community including Natural Awakenings, the Mindfulness Center, GreenMedInfo, Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association, and more. Our culture fosters and attracts world-class innovators who are passionate about sharing and inspiring wellness. As DaoClud’s cofounders learned to reverse chronic health conditions, the software is intelligently designed to empower people by supporting the ongoing shift towards self-care. Our core team knows first-hand the shortcomings of the conventional healthcare system, and we learn to apply holistic practices which better ourselves and our communities. Platforms like ZocDoc, HealthProfs, and SpaFinder connect people with wellness professionals – without empowering people’s self-care practice. All three of these platforms are one-sided, meaning pro-fessionals pay to be a part of the network while offering little-to-no client-professional interaction, aside from testimonials. As such, the core of these technologies do not support self-care.