DailyMe, Inc.

Hollywood, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

´╗┐DailyMe is a technology company that specializes in dynamic personalization for digital media and e-commerce.

Its flagship service is Newstogram, a technology that generates data on user’s interests and delivers personalized content, advertisements and commerce.

Newstogram captures massive amounts of insightful data from the interaction between users and digital content assets, and transforms this data into actionable, granular user-knowledge. This user-knowledge is combined with advanced predictive models and matching functions to create new personalized and highly targeted products, including content modules, newsletters, mobile applications, advertising banners and product promotions.

The algorithms are complex, but the outputs are simple: the ability to personalize content recommendations, advertising, and e-commerce opportunities – thereby providing DailyMe’s partners innovative tools to better differentiate and monetize their sites, products and services.